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LeBrons milestone adds another accolade to a long list of honors that puts him in the discussion as the best basketball player of all time. Featuringsome of the best active NBA players, like Russell Westbrook, Zach Lavine, and Donovan Mitchell, and youngplayers known for their speed andquickness, like Shai Gilgeous Alexander, De'Aaron Fox, and Ja Morant, thislist of the fastest current NBA players includes someof thefastest NBA players of all time. Schroder Over 7.5 assists (+105) Embiid Over 14.5 rebounds + assists (-110) Rozier Over 2.5 turnovers (+115) Picks made on 3/1/2023 at 9:00 a.m. Answer (1 of 47): Since it's hard to compare across eras, I'm going to rank some of the fastest players from each decade. Who is the fastest person in NBA history? His achievement was all the more impressive because James needed just 187 games to reach the milestone, making him the second-fastest player ever to score 3,000 points. Most 25-PPG seasons in NBA history:17 LeBron James1615141312 Jordan, Durant, Kobe, MaloneBron has done that in 17 straight seasons. During his illustrious 20-year career with the Lakers, Kobe led the league in scoring on two occasions and finished with an average of 25 points per game. In the first quarter, Doncic, who entered the game with 4,993 points, reached his seventh point at the free-throw line. Enter a Melbet promo code and get a generous bonus, An Insight into Coupons and a Secret Bonus, Organic Hacks to Tweak Audio Recording for Videos Production, Bring Back Life to Your Graphic Images- Used Best Graphic Design Software, New Google Update and Future of Interstitial Ads. Players like Reggie Miller, Gary Payton, and Robert Parish made this list in large part to the longevity of their careers. In fact, he was just the third-best scorer on his team. Go Orange. Now, at just 19-years (252 days), Ant has become the 5th-youngest NBA player in history to score 1000 points in his career.. And the names surrounding him on the list are eye-opening. In November 2012, Durant became the second-youngest NBA player to reach 10,000 career points and also became the second-youngest to reach 20,000 six years later. Over the last three games, Thompson has scored an average of 32.3 points per game. It took James 368 games to do it the ninth-fastest in league history. We find out who these players are in . The list of the fastest to 30,000 points is Wilt, Jordan, Kareem, LeBron, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant and Nowitzki. Who else but LeBron James would we expect to see atop a scoring chart? NBA Quickest to 500 Points Quiz 1 2 3 4 Sports Basketball Quiz Retired Jul 27, 2021 Random Sports or Basketball Quiz NBA Quickest to 500 Points Can you name the five players to reach 500 points in the fewest amount of team games for each season? That increase means bettors can take advantage of the injured Warrior players. Accordingly, his 3.00 second three-quarter court sprint was the second fastest in his draft class and his 48 inch max vertical jump is the highest in the draft combines history. Weve just got to keep building. While he first needs to catch Karl Malone (36,928) for second place, James' durability and immense ability will probably get him somewhere near 40,000 points. What is Dillon Brooks race and ethnicity? The real question is, can LeBron play long enough to become the NBAs all-time leading scorer? O'Neal finished his career with 28,596 points and is still eighth in the all-time table. The list of the fastest to 30,000 points is Wilt, Jordan, Kareem, LeBron, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant and Nowitzki. "He is as fast as anybody in this league, probably in the history (of the NBA)," Brooks told Louisville's Courier-Journal. The Greatest Kentucky Basketball Players of All Time. JA MORANT. We'll be breaking down the matchups and highlighting the best bets of the night. De'Aaron Fox. Zer0.2 Colorways, Ranked, The Greatest Offensive Players in NBA History, The Best Point Guards Currently in the NBA. What is Jordan Pooles race and ethnic background? Although he wasn't particularly efficient from downtown with a career-accuracy of 33.8%, McGrady shot at 43.5% from the field. #5 of 141. What team has the worst record as a favorite since 2017-18? It happened on one of his patented shots, a corner three-pointer that made it 65-89 with under 6 minutes left, icing both the outcome and his place in the record books. In 2009, Anthony overtook McGrady as one of the youngest NBA players to score 10,000 points at the age of 24 years and 251 days. season. Klay Thompson Over 25.5 Points At just 33 years old, LeBron James will become the youngest player to the 30,000 point plateau when he adds the 7 points against the San Antonio Spurs on Tuesday. Could the 5-3 Muggsy Bogues dunk when he played in the NBA? His scoring has always been phenomenal, as his 100-point game against the New York Knicks on March 2nd, 1962, clearly shows. By jsnellerwm - /5 - RATE QUIZ MORE INFO Classic Best Score? Report this user for behavior that violates our Community Guidelines. At 22 years, 68 days old, Doncic might have had a shot at James' record had he entered the league at 18 and his season had begun on a typical timeline. And these are the killers. He is a nine-time NBA All-Star, Temetrius Jamel "Ja" Morant (born August 10, 1999) is an American professional basketball player for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Abdul-Jabbar averaged 24.6 points per game throughout his 20-year career in the league. Due to top-level speed, many of the fastest NBA players are also among the greatest NBA players of all time. teph Curry soon will set the record for most all-time 3-pointers in NBA history, and the Warriors star is gaining ground quickly on Ray Allen because of another historic start to a season. Though his triple-double records are all falling to Russell Westbrook's feet, Robertson's career was unique. The milestone cameafter scoring 18 points in a historic 148-124 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday when he was fully expected to get to 30K. Who is currently the strongest NBA player? Carmelo Anthony is one of the most consistent scorers the NBA has ever seen and will no doubt be enshrined in the Hall of Fame once he has retired. A seven-time All-Star and Hall-of-Famer, McGrady was a lethal scorer during his 15 years in the NBA. Doncic only gets to play 72 this season, and because the season was delayed, he is older than he otherwise would be at this point in the season. What is Dillon Brooks race and ethnicity? 10. LeBron James is the eighth-fastest player to reach 20,000 points (726 games), though he was the youngest to do so. James, 36, becomes the youngest player in league history to reach the 35,000-point plateau. Chethan HC Along with his many records, Robertson remains the third-fastest NBA player to reach 20,000 career points (he did it in 671 appearances). Nicknamed the "Greek Freak" due to his, The Greatest Kentucky Basketball Players of All Time, The Greatest Offensive Players in NBA History, The Best Jordan "Why Not?" How many NBA players scored 3000 points in a season? Since Jan 5, 2007 he has always scored above 10 points in every game he has played. LeBron James LeBron James is without a doubt the fastest player in the NBA. The power, the acceleration, the speed, the vertical leap: he was irrepressible, able to break through or blow by any defensive coverage. He reached 20,000 career points in 713 games. Advanced stats. The all-time leading scorer, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, had arguably the most unstoppable move of all time, the skyhook. At the 2021 NBA Draft Combine, Johnson was the clear standout. Open a modal to take you to registration information, Button that open a modal to initiate a challenge. Stats like PER, BPM and VORP provide a good insight into how a particular player stacks up against the league average. Click on each . The lightning quick Morant has taken the reins of a Grizzlies team that once played at a famously glacial pace and transformed it into a high-speed excitement machine. Although Devin Booker is more known for his craft and tact, hes sneakily one of the fastest NBA players. The legendary Elgin Baylor was one of the greatest players in NBA history, and his greatness should not be undermined because he did not win a championship. Luka Doncic becomes fourth-youngest player in NBA history to reach 5,000 points Doncic is behind only LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony By Sam Quinn May 7, 2021 at 10:58 pm ET . Sophomore Zion Williamson recently became the fourth-youngest player to reach 1,000 points and is one of the most consistent scorers in the league at the moment. . He has also improved his three-point game and shot a personal best 45% from downtown this year. Alas, it did not, so Doncic will just have to settle for fourth-place behind three Hall of Famers. But when James does go full throttle, he's easily one of the fastest players in the league despite his enormous frame. Seven players in the history of the NBA have scored at least 30,000 career points. Vote up who you think are the fastest players in the NBA today,and check back often to see how your votes stack up against other basketballfans. Six players average at least 14 points per night, and they've finally found a solution at center with Jakob Poeltl. 3 Who has the most 20 point games in NBA history? Oscar Robertson is one of the best point guards in NBA history and should be praised more for all his achievements. He played college basketball, Johnathan Hildred Wall Jr. (born September 6, 1990) is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Who took more rebounds? These two players getting hurt will mean an opportunity for another player to score points. NBA/ABA Leaders NBA Leaders ABA Leaders Other Points Leaderboards Leaders Index Regular Season Single Season Career Active Progressive Year-by-Year Year-by-Year Top 10 Single Game Playoffs Karl Malone He also became the second-youngest player to reach 20,000 points in the NBA after LeBron James. He played college, Giannis Antetokounmpo (born December 6, 1994) is a Greek professional basketball player for the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Despite being 37 years old, Lebron James can still fly. Last season, he averaged 6.4 points in transition per game, the third-most in the NBA and the most by any guard. At the NBA Draft Combine in 2014, Booker ran the three-quarter sprint in 3.28 seconds and completed the lane agility drill (basically running and sliding around the perimeter of the paint) in a blazing 10.27 seconds; his combined time of 13.55 seconds across the two drills is the fastest of any active NBA player. Change privacy settings, Copyright 2009-2023 // Web Developer Matteo Manna // Sportando di Carchia Emiliano // P.I. Over the next five years, Mitchell has seamlessly translated that speed to the NBA, demonstrating that same quickness with every blow-by and skittering pull-up jumper. These 43 NBA teams made the most three-pointers in one game, Printable 12-Team bracket (single-elimination tournament), In 2022, Nearly 30% of All WNBA Players Identify As Gay, Lesbian, Trans or Queer. In a game against the Denver Nuggets, while playing for Orlando, McGrady grabbed 15 points before being ejected. Rudy Gobert (MIN) Over 13.5 Points. He also became the 10th-fastest player to reach 20,000 career points back on January 10th, 2018, when he was a member of the Golden State Warriors. He entered the NBA as an 18-year old, was named Rookie of the Year and has. What is Zach LaVines racial background is he mixed-race? The Laker superstar was 34 years old, while Wilt was well into his 35th year of life when they reached 30,000 points. When LeBron James hit the 20,000 point milestone back in 2013, he became theyoungest player to reach that milestone just 17 days after his 28th birthday. In fourth place, Malone was 36 years and 189 days when he reached 30,000. hide this ad Number listed is number of games it took to reach 3,000 points. Go Orange. Heres the complete list of the 40+NBA players that have scored 20,000 points in their NBA careers. However, even he doesn't make it into the top five youngest players to reach 10,000 career points.

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